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VPN services
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When your company has offices and sites around the world, having a high-performance network connecting it all together is essential. Etisalat ISP provides global communication services to its customers with multi-sites enabling them to run their enterprises securely and efficiently by connecting their customers.



Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that allows a set of sites to communicate with each other over a shared public network infrastructure. Etisalat ISP offers its customer’s connectivity over a robust IP-MPLS based the network infrastructure.

  • MPLS Layer-2
  • MPLS Layer-3 (IP-VPN)
  • FR-VPN

3rd Generation typically refers to the current generation of data transmission capabilities over a cellular network for internet access and real-time video.

When you have the luxury to be connected on a wireless high speed network your productivity is maximized. You can now work anywhere… anytime...

Etisalat Data Solution

3G services are designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s businesses by providing a 3G VPN as a primary link.

Primary Service

Primary 3G service is a Walk Out Connected service for VPN customers having no immediate wired connectivity to access the Internet.

Secondary Service

Secondary 3G backup service is offered to customers who need to be permanently connected to the internet without any interruption of the service.