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Genesys International Corporation Announces Etisalat Misr winner of the Customer Care Excellence Award

Genesys International Corporation has announced that Etisalat Misr is the winner of the Customer Care Excellence Award. The Company was ranked the first worldwide amongst 200 international companies of various fields, nominated for the competition, including the largest communications companies worldwide.

Etisalat Misr is the first company, in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Russia, to win this international award which is organized annually and is highly acclaimed as a result of its impartiality and objectivity. In addition, Judging and selection were carried out by 28 research and analysis experts in the customer care field which make the world's giant companies operating in various fields compete to win this award by submitting the best of their innovations in the field of customer care.

Etisalat's winning of this international award was announced during celebrating the program of "Innovation" in customer care which was held last month in Orlando State in the USA and in Paris. During this program, 4 companies led by Etisalat Misr, along with giant international companies operating in various fields, including shipping companies, and banks, were top ranked in customer care and for their continuous efforts and development of this field.

The four companies were awarded the "four-star" award, which is the top limit of ranking, but the committee has singled Etisalat Misr out with special regard as the company was ranked the highest amongst these companies. Therefore, the committee has selected Etisalat Misr to submit a detailed presentation of its successful experience in customer care in Egypt as well as its sophisticated methods and the unprecedented new innovations for the care of its customers at the award ceremony that will take place during the G-Force Conference hosted by Barcelona City, Spain.

Eng. Hazem Metwally, chief commercial officer of Etisalat Misr, asserted that the company's winning of this international award has paramount importance as this award represents the international appreciation for the developments achieved by the company in the customer care field in Egypt, noting that this is the first time that company outside America, Europe and Australia wins this award.

Eng. Hatim Badawi, the Customer Care Director, said that selecting Etisalat Misr as the best company in the field of customer care represents the company' outstanding position in preserving the four axis of innovation and development in the field. These four axis concentrate on innovating the most up to date systems for the care and satisfaction of customers as well as providing them with first class services via technologies and innovations of advanced methods to meet the customer's satisfaction.

He clarified that the company was distinguished in the four axis of innovation and development for the customer care, including:

Using the advanced technologies for customer care as the company has witnessed a great development in this field and offered unprecedented services in Egypt to meet the customers’ satisfaction and provide them with the services easily. These services include the video customer service where customer will be able to see the customer service representative on his cell phone and follow up the steps of obtaining the service as well obtaining the technical support services through the images displayed.

"This service will be suited to enable a person with special needs, like the hearing impaired, the deaf or the mute to use the service and see the customer care representative as well as the explanatory drawings for performing the steps. The customers will also be able to obtain the service via new methods including SMS service and web chatting with the representative through Etisalat Misr's web site:, Hatem Badawi added.

He noted that the second axis is the automated services where the customer will have the services in an automated way via the "IVR" system. This means that the customer will receive the service with no human interference and will only follow specific steps guided by the automatic reply.

He further added that the third axis is the "Business Modules" to provide outsourcing services. This is done through a flexible policy based on utilizing all the applications in the market, develop them and sell the service to all customers as per their requirements without restricting customers with one model for the service.

The fourth axis of excellence is innovation and development in dealing with the company's cadres which provide the services to the customers, to ensure the best utilization of their potentials and offer them the best working conditions as well as encouraging the competition among them to provide the best services to the customers.

This idea is based on offering privileges to the outstanding employees including fixing their working hours from 9 am to 5 pm as an appreciation to their outstanding efforts as well as relieving them from the shift system, applied in all customer service centers, which will result in providing stability and comfort to the outstanding employee and encourage competition to provide the best performance which will be in the interest of the customer.

Eng. Hatem Badawi has clarified that using state-of-the-art technologies and innovating advanced methods for the service of customers, including SMS and IVR services, as well as reducing costs were the most important features of Etisalat Misr in providing its services to the customers. Another feature of excellence was that the customer service department initiates to inform the customers of any problem they may be facing and provide them with solutions before customers actually complain.

He pointed that Etisalat Misr's winning of this award at the international level is a strong incitement to follow its innovations and development and an extension for the mother company’s excellence in the customer service field. The UAE based Etisalat was awarded the 3rd Middle East Customer Care Excellence Award as a recognition for the its achievements in the field of providing customers with outstanding services compatible with the best international standards applied.

It is worth mentioning that Etisalat Misr has announced the opening of the video customer service center through the visit of the Prime Minister to the Company's headquarters in the Smart Village.