Credit Transfer
Credit Transfer
Reaching your friends and family has never been more convenient.

Postpaid users:
Now all postpaid customers can transfer balance to their prepaid friends and families from 1 LE to 50 LE per transaction with a monthly limit of 100 LE.

*This service is available only for postpaid customers who have been on our network for 3 months or more

Prepaid users:
You can transfer amounts starting from 1 LE up to 50 LE per transaction to any Etisalat prepaid customer.
Postpaid voice customers:
  • Call *770# for FREE or call 770 (30 pt/call) and follow the instructions

Prepaid customers:
  • Dial *557* followed by the number to which you want to transfer credit to
  • Then press the “*” key and the amount you like to pass on and finally “#”
    Example: If you like to transfer 33 LE to phone number 011-1027494, type *557*0111027494*33# and press the send key. You will receive in return a text message, confirming the credit transfer

  • This service costs 2% of the amount transferred with minimum of 20 pt
  • Prepaid users: A minimum of 1.5 LE or more must be remaining after the transfer
  • Postpaid users: The transferred amount and the service fee will be added to your monthly bill

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